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XGain participated in the Startup Village Alliance International Conference

The Startup Village Alliance International Conference attracted a diverse array of attendees, including startups, corporations, and organizations engaged in cross-sectoral collaborations. Approximately 200 individuals attended the event physically, while an additional 1800 participants joined virtually, underscoring its widespread reach and influence within the startup ecosystem.

During the conference, project partner ART21 delivered a dedicated presentation on the XGain project, providing attendees with invaluable insights into its objectives, strategies, and potential impact. This presentation was open to all participants, further amplifying the visibility of the XGain project and fostering dialogue surrounding connectivity solutions for rural areas within the startup community.

Furthermore, the event featured a panel discussion that shed light on various funding opportunities for SMEs, particularly those offered by European projects in the forthcoming years. Through its active participation and engagement at the conference, ART21 contributed in fostering collaboration within the startup ecosystem, while also leveraging the event as a platform to showcase the transformative potential of the XGain project.