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XGain participated in the Crofish - 15th International Fishing Fair

From November 24th to 26th, BENCO actively participated in the 15th International Fishing Fair, popularly known as “Crofish,” held in Poreč, Croatia. At this important industry event, BENCO operated a booth, where engaging industry participants and disseminating vital information on connectivity solutions tailored for rural areas, with a specific focus on their application within the aquaculture sector. Attendees were also provided with informative XGain flyers.
The Crofish fair showcased a diverse array of exhibitors, with over 80 representatives hailing from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain. Among the attendees were stakeholders representing educational and research institutions, the public sector, and various segments of the industry, creating a dynamic environment promoting networking and knowledge exchange.

By actively participating in the Crofish fair, BENCO demonstrated its commitment to apply connectivity solutions within the aquaculture sector, while also leveraging the event as a platform to raise awareness about the transformative potential of the XGain project. Through targeted engagement and dissemination efforts, BENCO further solidified its position as a key player in driving innovation and fostering digital inclusion within rural communities.