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XGain participated in the AgriFood Forum 2023

On the 14th of November 2023, ART21 once again played an active role in the AgriFood Forum 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania. This highly regarded forum serves as a platform for addressing the challenges confronting the agri-food ecosystem, with a focus on fostering innovation and sustainable solutions. Approximately 200 individuals attended the event in person, while a significant audience of around 1800 participants joined virtually, reflecting the widespread interest and engagement in the forum’s proceedings.

During the AgriFood Forum ’23: Peace for Food, XGain was prominently featured in presentation, highlighting its pivotal role in addressing key issues within the agri-food sector. Through this platform, attendees gained valuable insights into the objectives, strategies, and potential impact of the XGain project in driving innovation and addressing challenges within the agri-food ecosystem.

By participating in the AgriFood Forum 2023, ART21 facilitates the advancement of sustainable solutions and collaborations within the agri-food sector. The inclusion of XGain in the forum’s discussions further underscored its significance as a pioneering initiative aimed at driving positive change and promoting sustainability within the agri-food industry.