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Synergy Days Workshops

XGain and COMMECT projects, both recipients of funding from the Horizon Europe initiative, have forged a strategic partnership to collectively address the pressing challenge of bridging the digital divide and catering to the needs of rural communities. This joined effort was showcased during the Synergy Days Conference 2023, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the 4th and 5th of October 2023.

At this big event, the two sister projects collaboratively organized two workshops aimed at disseminating key insights and fostering dialogue on pertinent issues related to their project activities. The first workshop, titled “Connectivity, business models, and socio-economic impact: What is the Interlink?”, delved into the key role of digital transformation in shaping the future of many industries like agriculture, forestry, eHealth but also rural areas in general. Discussions centered around the development of viable business models in order to drive sustainable growth within these sectors.
Subsequently, the second workshop, “What are the best digital technologies for my use case?”, provided attendees with valuable insights into the both projects and their innovative digital platforms. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the cutting-edge digital technologies, tailored to address specific use cases and enhance operational efficiency within rural communities.

Through these collaborative workshops, XGain and COMMECT projects underscored their commitment to driving meaningful change and fostering digital inclusion within rural landscapes, thereby laying the groundwork for sustainable development and prosperity.