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"Mora la Nova - XGain pilot" workshop

On the 15th of November 2023, I2CAT organised the Mora la Nova – XGain Pilot Living Lab event, a workshop dedicated to presenting the XGain Testbed in Catalonia, Spain. Attended by a select group of 12 stakeholders, including regional and local policymakers, representatives from a social foundation, and technology companies, the event served as a platform for the comprehensive presentation of the XGain Testbed’s functionalities and its pivotal role in evaluating rural scenarios.

The day commenced with a series of insightful presentations, thoroughly crafted to provide attendees with ain-depth understanding of the testbed’s capabilities. Delving into its operational mechanisms, the presentations showcased the critical role of the testbed in addressing regional needs, with a particular emphasis on the advancement and application of drone technologies. Moreover, the i2CAT team seized the opportunity to introduce the overarching objectives of the XGain project, underscoring the pilot’s pivotal contribution towards addressing specific challenges within the region.
As part of the event agenda, attendees were treated to a tour of the facilities, providing firsthand exposure to the diverse technologies and designated spaces earmarked for the pilot program. This interactive tour offered stakeholders a tangible glimpse into the innovative solutions and potential applications envisaged within the context of the XGain project.