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"Have Your Say" Workshop, Vilnius, Lithuania

On March 29th, 2023, the city of Vilnius, Lithuania played host to the third XGain “Have Your Say” co-creation workshop. Organized by the team at ART21, with additional support from project partners ZSI and i2CAT, this gathering was very effective at tackling the issues at hand. A dynamic group of 12 stakeholders from Lithuania’s forestry and farming sectors stepped into the spotlight. Among them were representatives from public sector institutions, associations, NGOs, research institutes, and academia. The primary objective of the workshop was to convene stakeholders, introduce them to the XGain project’s goals, activities and expected outcomes, and gather their feedback and insights on the Lithuanian Use Case, shaping the future of rural connectivity and sustainability in the areas of precision agriculture and forest management. Stakeholders provided crucial feedback, contributing insights and solutions, enriching the XGain ecosystem.