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"Have Your Say" Workshop, Šibenik, Croatia

On March 17th, the second “Have Your Say” co-creation workshop organized by project partner BENCO in Šibenik, Croatia. Stakeholders from diverse sectors—ranging from public and policymaking to NGOs, academia, and farming—gathered for this collaborative event. A total of 13 stakeholders participated, joined by 5 representatives from consortium member companies. The workshop buzzed with discussions, as participants shared insights and essential ideas related to the Croatian Use Case, that will demonstrate how an extended network infrastructure (supplemented by LoRaWAN and satellite comms) can be used to transmit data from offshore sensors to the central monitoring system, and the Knowledge Facilitation Tool (KFT) that XGain is developing. Beyond the workshop, the group had the chance to visit by boat the oyster farm in Šibenik, Croatia.
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