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"Have Your Say" Workshop, Isle of Scilly, UK

In the UK Use Case, with the purpose of stakeholder engagement, a series of interviews was conducted by XGain partner Jonathan Smith, spanning from May to June 2023. These interviews were strategically designed to encompass a diverse range of user profiles, totaling 11 individuals. Among these participants were farmers, land managers, tourism businesses, local landowners (including notable entities such as the Duchy of Cornwall and Tresco Estate), the Local Council (Council of the Isles of Scilly), and various representational organizations across the UK, particularly those associated with organic farming and land-based enterprises.

Utilizing a combination of phone and the Zoom platform, Jonathan employed a meticulously crafted interview template tailored to address pertinent inquiries to the task at hand. Additionally, an online workshop, featuring the participation of project partners Jonathan Smith, CAFA Tech, and Wangeningen University, was organized and recorded for wider dissemination among stakeholders. This workshop aimed to enhance awareness surrounding the Isles of Scilly Use Case within the XGain project, while spotlighting the multiple benefits that local farmers stand to derive from active participation and collaboration.